Hypergrace - The unconditional grace V2

Hypergrace - The unconditional grace V2 July 22, 2017


There are obviously two distinctive trends worldwide. Both sources spread books and sermons on the Internet to bring their teachings to the people. The sourdough from the "hypergrace movement" is  already acidifying the Free Churches.

a)  First a good example: 

The sermon «God's holiness» of David Pawson.

He emphasize God's holiness, justice and the resulting anger over godless people. On Youtube you can find many sermons from him, for example: «The True God and The True Gospel»    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5QDpyk4yZw 

b) to the contrary

The teaching of the Hypergrace movement / unconditional grace movement

This source teaches only the unconditional grace according to the motto:" 

Unconditional forgiven are all the sins we have made, and the sins we are doing right now, and the sins we will do in the future, They all are already forgiven by the blood of Jesus. 

Once saved - saved forever. Jesus wants you to have in heaven. You can not defend yourself against that.

Joseph Prince 
for example: «Hear Jesus only and be uplifted»

He can gain much confidence with this biblically well-founded sermon. But in the end, it's all about spreading his lies.

He shows his true face in many youtube sermons as well as in the book "Zur Herrschaft bestimmt".

Page 88 – 89 God does not educate through punishment.  - really?

Page 128) We do not have to ask for forgiveness because we are already forgiven .  - really?

Page 129) Our father does not forgive us only after we have repented  .  - really?.

Page 136) Therefore every thought, feeling, action that is not correct is washed away. Due to the ongoing purification by the blood of Jesus, you are always kept clean and always forgiven.

Page 162 J.P. asserts that the Holy Spirit does not convict you of sin, he convicts believers of righteousness.


Erich Engler - Grace Family Church -  Bubikon Switzerland

As an example, a sermon in German: «Gnade durch Wiederheirat» (Grace through remarriage).    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTDs8jg3DlY He claims for himself to keep always  in mind to whom certain statements are made.

He answers the question: «is divorce sin»  as follows:

By no means, if a woman has a husband who beats her, she should divorce him. God will give her a better one.

«Is remarriage of divorced sin» he anwsers as follow:
The opposite is true. Sexual intercourse belongs in a marriage. Thus remarriage prevents fornication. To prove this, he proceeds as follows: 

First, he teaches his audience how important it is to pay attention to who is being told something. Then he does exactly the opposite.

to prove this, he misuses 1 Corinthians 7/9 by omitting the verse 8.

7 I wish all of you were like me. But you each have your own gift from God. One has this gift. Another has that. 8 I speak to those who are not married. I also speak to widows. It is good for you to stay single like me. 9 But if you can't control yourselves, you should get married. It is better to get married than to burn with sexual longing.


The statement of Jesus in Luke chapter 16 he invalidates as follow:

Luke 16/18  Everyone who divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery, and he who marries a woman divorced from her husband commits adultery.

Doctor Luke speaks here to the educated Pharisees. They were known for frequent divorce and remarriage. They knew the law of Moses very well. Therefore he answered them with this law. But the law can only charge, it can not save. But Jesus did not give man the law, but living water. Exactly as he did it for the adulteress and the woman at the Jacob's well. "Erich Engler", however, does not mention the conditions. We also do not know whether the two women accepted and received the living water under these conditions.

Both preachers of the «unconidtional grace teach», among others, the following:

  • Today we no longer have to teach laws, but to proclaim grace.
  • Jesus takes you to heaven even if you do not want to. God also brought the Prophet Jonah to the place where he wanted him to be although he did not even want it. 
  • Constantly we would stand under a "waterfall of grace".
  • Be sure to buy a very comfortable beach chair, lie down on the palm beach, and let yourself be sprayed by this waterfall.
  • Take a book of Joseph Prince with you and let yourself be lulled, e.g. with the book of him  or through his films on YouTube

Both sources are usually very humorous and fluffily. Their sermons have a "high entertainment value". They offer a great one-man show.   To dazzle unsuspecting sheep, they shine with amazing Hebrew and Greek knowledge. Supposedly, they also have great knowledges of the cultures that existed during biblical times. Yes, yes, high level of expertise is required today! Granted, in this babble of voices we can easily be seduced if we do not plead with sincere, undivided hearts for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Do we want to listen now to the voice of the true god, or to a home-made god?
In his Book "Gottes Stimme hören lernen" Marcello Corciulo wants to teach us to listen to the voice of the living God. In my opinion, his advices are more like auto suggestion exercises. His wife reportedly experienced many miraculous healings in Africa. His conclusion is: We Europeans have a troubled access to the supernatural. God wants to lead us to a country with rules we do not know yet.

But I'm afraid:

  • We have not a  troubled access, we long for it.
  • We could know the rules - if we read the word of God!



David Pawson is certainly not a seducer. His statements may partially obscure the great grace of God a little. But the statements of the hypergrace movement are the cruel seduction of satan. What do you prefer?