Urgent traffic report

Urgent traffic report 5 June 2019

Please excuse, this article has been translated from German to English by computer.

On the "autostrada E25"
From the car radio the hit sounds: "stop the music, stop the music, befor i kill you. Yes, really, a great groovy song - racy rhythm, terrible, dissonant sounds! "Hey, questo fa venire l'umore" - that makes mood ...... ..
In fact, the music stops in the middle of this "great hit".
"Attenzione, attenzione: rapporto sul traffico urgente! Il ponte morandi è crollato" - the bridge «Ponte Morandi» collapsed. Ripeto: Il ponte morandi è crollato! Fermati immediatamente, smetti di guidare - Stop immediately. Se possibile, torna indietro - se possible, si girano. Il ponte è crollato! Stop immediately, stop driving. if possible, please turn back! The bridge has collapsed!

Luigi, the driver laughs. That's rubbish. Highway bridges do not collapse. The engineers have calculated their statics precisely. The reinforcing iron is calculated to the nearest gram and each piece is used exactly where it is planned. There is no construction foreman, who branches off a few hundred kilos for his family home, which he is currently building. The concrete mixture also corresponds to a P5OO mixture, not a single gram of cement is missing. You can read that in black and white on the delivery receipt. No, no controller is bribed, who has to supervise everything. Where do we live today? actually, the law forbids to turn on the highway.

Stop, stop! Giovanni the passenger screams desperately "Fermati immediatamente! Urla Giovanni il passeggero". Stop stop! Do not drive on! He wants to turn the ignition key over and pull it out, but Luigi grabs his hand and depresses the accelerator pedal all the way down. This slalom ride with 180kmh is intolerable for Giovanni.

Down in the valley lies a heap of burning wreckage from smashed cars. Miraculously, the car radio in one of the car still runs. It sounds, "We all go to heaven, because we are so good because we are so good. This also accepts Petert ans says, I like to let all of you in. You've been the purest angel on earth (veniamo tutti, tutti in paradiso) 

Strange, at the place of eternal torments, where its inhabitants suffer eternal pain and find no peace by day and night, this song comes across very differently. It sounds quite different somehow. In jagged rhythms and weird, dissonant tones it breaks: Now we are both, both in hell, because we do not believe what Jesus teached, and Peter did not let us in ..........  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XonvlkgQv1w 

The example with the collapsed bridge may be absurd. But unfortunately the creator who created everything and keeps alive rejects most people. Unfortunately, the radio is hardly warned of the consequences, but every Swiss citizen has a Bible. They can read it in black and white. I hope they meet someone who warns them of the imminent danger. All their excuses will do them no good in the Last Judgment.


Other scenery
Luigi, the the pastor laughs. That's rubbish. My faith does not collapse. Our pastprs all know what foundation we are on. Our Biblical teachings are focused on the Word, and each statement is placed in the very context of the Bible, as intended in God's plan. There is no false prophet coming, and perverts a few words about it, for the reason of self-interest he is pursuing. Even the Bible verses he cites go far beyond "Level 5oo". not a single important word is missing. You can read this in black and white in our printed Credo. No,no member of the Council of Elders who has to take care of all this receives bribes and is bribed.Where do we live today? actually, the law of moses teaches us everything we need .........

In the meeting room
From the high-end amplifier system the worship hit sounded: "strike up the band, strike up the band - let the band smash one". Yes, the music was stopped too late. Now there is no great groovy song - racy rhythm, terrible and dissonant sounds any more. There remains only cemetery atmosphere, horror and sadness - howling and teeth grinding. Contrary to the burning rubble heap under the motorway bridge, the fire at the place of eternal torments never goes out. It is said: The smoke of their torments rises from eternity to eternity. They are tortured day and night and have no rest. But they were always in false safety, they always only sang: God will wipe away all tears ....... We all came, all to heaven. We certainly did not listen to " misleading traffic announcements". Even the pastor testified at the grave. You can read that in black and white on our tombstone.