Our human logic

Our human  logic                                                                        June 5, 2014

The gods of the Syrians are the true gods. These helped them and defeated them. Our God has failed us against all our enemies. So said the Israelites after being robbed and slaughtered. The enemies spared neither old people nor children. They have slashed pregnant women's belly. They have performed a terrible bloodbath. Often Israel was besieged( surrounded) by its enemies. They besieged the Israelites and made them starve. God  often sent famines so, in their desperation, they slaughtered and cooked their own children to survive.

Thus, the idols of the enemies had to be the true gods, that seemed logical to them. Today we can only shake our heads without understanding if we read, that these idols were only handmade figures made of wood, stone or metal. But we should not forget one thing:

Just like us today, people were able to think logically. For years, or even decades, they may have worshiped, praised, begged for direction and guidance, and sacrificed. Nothing has improved. Their god seemed to be absent.

Here is an example from the Bible:
2 Chronicles 28/22 Also in his trouble, King Ahaz was unfaithful to the LORD, 23 and offered sacrifices to the gods of Damascus who had struck him, saying, "The gods of the kings of Aram help them; That's why I want to offer sacrifices to those who help me too.

What's wrong with our logic?
There may be people who consciously control their logical choices through wishful thinking. Surely you do not count yourself among these people. But even unconsciously, our own ideas, impressions and hidden wishes can influence our supposedly logical decisions. Even if we ask God for wisdom and guidance, he will deny it to us unless we follow Him completely faithfully and obediently. Worse yet, there are examples in the Bible where God sent a spirit of delusion when people persisted in their stubbornness for too long. They have reached their "point of no return" - how sad and terrible for them.

That's illogical
People gain recognition or even admiration when they report on astrology, parapsychology, telepathy, telekinesis, New Age, Far Eastern teachings, healings, magnetopatics, Far Eastern religions, hypnosis, mortality surveys, table backs, and more. They argue that there are things between heaven and earth that we do not understand. But if you want to tell them about the living, only true God, they immediately wave off. Here is obviously the spirit of delusion at work.